Automatic Sensor Control System – Bharath Paper bag machine

Auto Sensor: The machines operation is monitored by an automatic sensor control system comprising of five sensors. The sensors continuously monitor the production process and stops the machine if the paper cup is not released, if wallpaper not present, if bottom paper is not present or if the finished paper bag are not removed beyond a specific count. This system helps in reducing the wastage and Bag rejection. In the event of any malfunction during the production process, the machine will be automatically switched off.


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Use paper bags to save the future – Bharath Paper bag machine

We already spoiled the environment but its not too late. We can still revive our environment to be the same by going green. We can use paper bags to the save the future of our children.

There are several advantages of using paper bags- the first and foremost is –

  • Environment Friendly
  • Easy to carry
  • Print brand names on it
  • Decomposed easily


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Paper bag machine Price in India – Bharath Paper bag machine

Recently Indian made paper bag machines have started to be deployed in production of paper bags. They are fast replacing Chinese machines due to their high resale value and easy maintenance which means less downtime of the machine. The price of Indian machines are also much less than the Chinese imported ones. There are various models available based on the functionalities and printing options. The price usually range from 3 lakhs to 8 lakh rupees


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Manual paper bag making machine in Hyderabad – Bharath Paper bag machine

Paper bag machines are in various models and prices based on the size of bags they can manufacture or the level of automation they have. Manual paper bag machines are economically priced whereas the automatic ones will be expensive. When there are enough manpower to take care of the pasting, printing or fixing the handles for the bags manual paper bag machines may prove value as initial investments maybe low.


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Paper bag making machine Suppliers – Bharath Bag Machine

Usually paper bag making machine suppliers import new or used
machines or refurbished machines and supply to paper bag making
companies. But now Indian paper bag making machines are made in
the highest quality using the best of local components and spares
which are easy to service and hence low down time. These machines
also get good price in the used market.

Paper bag Machine in Coimbatore - Bharath Bag Machine


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